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Wellness Defined By You.


Daily Dose CBD is an organic, hemp extracted Cannabidiol (CBD) that naturally restores balance back to the mind and body.

Our water-soluble formula is a convenient and effective wellness supplement that will ease your busy lifestyle, and enhance your fitness regime. It contains zero THC, which means zero intoxication or sense of “getting high”.

Daily Dose CBD is extracted from sustainably farmed, organic hemp plants on a farm in Oregon that meets non-GMO standards and uses no herbicides or pesticides.

Dose daily to experience a gradual but pronounced feeling of general wellbeing.

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Water Soluble

We get it, you’re busy.

Convenience is just as important to us as it is to you. That’s why we made our first formula a water-soluble alternative, without the strong aftertaste. 

Our formulation dissolves as a flavorless additive in any liquid and can also be taken directly under the tongue.

Add it to your daily coffee, smoothie or other beverage without any oily residue.


High BioAvailability

In general, the more bioavailable a dose, the lower the quantity you need to experience the effects.

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Mind Body Balance.












Wellness Series

A curation of immersive, CBD-infused mind + body experiences in collaboration with local fitness instructors, wellness chefs and meditation leaders.

Using Daily Dose CBD before a workout improves endurance and reduces recovery time, and for mindful practices it will help get you to a calmer state of mind quicker.

All sessions include CBD Tastings to experience the benefits of Daily Dose CBD first-hand.

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It’s not just us.

This past month has been tough and I have had a lot of stress and anxiety. I found Daily Dose CBD has been the best way to relieve any anxiety naturally and now I swear by it.
— Georgie | daily doser
I’ve been using Daily Dose CBD for over 2 months now, I have it under my tongue every morning, and usually again at around 3PM. I’ve definitely seen an improvement in my overall stress levels and felt a consistent sense of calm and composure. I also really enjoy the taste!
— Sarah | daily doser