“CBD sounds like a miracle product - and it kind of is! It’s an extract of hemp, a part of the cannabis family (which people can be a bit scared of!) but it’s completely legal and contains no THC (the psychoactive ingredient).”
— Overt
“In New York, a state with relatively strict laws on cannabis, a burgeoning community is utilizing legal CBD as a health and wellness aid. Wellness-minded New Yorkers are being empowered to feel better every day, on their own terms.”
— Culture Trip
“Merging the stimulation of caffeine with the calming nature of CBD, customers will enjoy the synergistic effects and in addition counteract unsettling feelings of anxiety, shakiness or jitters brought on by one two many cups of brew.”


This past month has been tough and I have had lots of stress / anxiety. I have found Daily Dose CBD has been the best way to relieve any anxiety naturally and I now sweat by it.
— Georgie
I have been dosing daily for the past 3 weeks in London and now Berlin. Enjoying the benefits for sure especially when paired with consistent yoga practice.
— Stevie
I’ve fully hopped on the CBD train and have been taking Higher Wave Wellness’s Daily Dose CBD drops! Taking it in a water soluble form means I can add it to my iced golden latte and don’t even taste it. Plus this brand is small, local, and WOMEN-run. Lives up to the hype and seriously works for me. I use/love it becuase it promotes wellness & calm daily, Gives me mental clarity and more focused awareness during workouts + for relaxation
— East Coast Health
“I wanted to say that I’m a huge fan of your company. My friend actually gave me a product from your company and I loved it! so I thought I’d add a little sunshine :). You’re doing great work, it’s appreciated in my house, and I wanted to say thanks”
— Natalie


“I’ve tried it and personally, felt much more focused and relaxed.”
— Claire, the elk