I’ve fully hopped on the CBD train and have been taking Higher Wave Wellness’s Daily Dose CBD drops! Taking it in a water-soluble form means I can add it to my iced golden latte and don’t even taste it. Plus this brand is small, local, and WOMEN-run. Lives up to the hype and seriously works for me. I use/love it because it promotes daily calmness, and gives me mental clarity and more focused awareness during workouts + for relaxation.
— East Coast Health
This past month has been tough and I have had a lot of stress/anxiety. I have found Daily Dose CBD has been the best way to relieve any anxiety naturally and I now swear by it.
— Georgie
“I wanted to say that I’m a huge fan of your company. My friend actually gave me a product from your company and I loved it! You’re doing great work, it’s appreciated in my house, and I wanted to say thanks.
— Natalie
I have been dosing daily for the past 3 weeks in London and now Berlin. Enjoying the benefits for sure especially when paired with consistent yoga practice.
— Stevie
“I’ve tried it and personally, felt much more focused and relaxed.”
— Claire, the elk