Co-Founders Tessa Rushton & Alana Jae

As with any good founder story, it all started with a personal need and two female's hustling in New York City.

After experiencing the common stress and anxiety symptoms of modern city living and always being on-the-go, co-founder Alana was seeking a plant-based product to improve her overall state of mind and wellbeing.

She noticed that people around her were habitually taking chemical-based medicines for day-to-day symptoms and knew there had to be an alternative.

While spending time in LA in 2017 Alana discovered CBD, having prior knowledge of cannabis and its benefits, she immersed herself into a research mission. Speaking to farmers that shared her passion for sustainable and organic farming she got to work creating Higher Wave CBD.

Excited about her new discovery and the benefits it was having on her quality of life, Alana introduced CBD to co-founder Tessa (having not tried cannabis before Tessa was a little apprehensive at first!) but after incorporating CBD into her wellness regime she quickly found herself blown away by how good and clear-headed she was feeling.

Our Mission

Our mission at HWW is to help people achieve balance and feel good naturally. We create effective and functional CBD products to balance the mind + body, inside and out. 

Our Commitment

Partnering exclusively with a small batch farm in Colorado, we follow USDA Certified Organic farming practices and work with scientists that are passionate about driving the hemp industry further to create products for wellbeing.

Our Transparency

We are proud to support local farming industries and offer full transparency including a traceable QR code with every product.