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Ride The Wave


As with any good founder story, it all started with a personal need and two kick-ass female's hustling in New York City.

After experiencing the common stress and anxiety symptoms of modern city living and always being on-the-go, co-founder Alana was seeking a plant-based product improve her overall state of mind and wellbeing.

She noticed that people around her were habitually taking chemical-based medicines for day-to-day symptoms and knew there had to be an alternative.

After a personal recommendation from a close friend and having prior knowledge of cannabis and its benefits, she immersed herself into a research mission, and sampling products on the CBD market. After using CBD, she found the sense of balance she was looking for, but couldn't find an easy product that was enjoyable to consume without a harsh taste or need to inhale a vape or swallow a capsule.

Alana sourced a family-owned, organic farm in Oregon extracting CBD sustainably from local hemp plants, and a facility in New York to help her create a water-soluble formula that she could easily add to her beverage.

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Alana shared her experience and the benefits she experienced with co-founder Tessa, who began dosing too. After seeing the positive changes, their collaboration became a mission; to build a brand that truly promoted a “Higher Wave of Wellness” and to develop natural healing solutions that could be easily be integrated into any lifestyle.

Wellness defined by you.  

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