Something To Meditate On.

Meditate on this.

It's often hard to put the benefits of some wellness practices into words.

Luckily Russel Brand is good at words and he's done a great job of explaining his experience of daily meditating in this video

"I noticed that one of the points of meditation is to continually return myself to the present, to the moment, to watch how I have a tendency mentally to be thinking about something from the past or projecting to something in the future, a kind of inability to just be still and be present in the moment."

Take a moment, be present and have a watch. 

But what has this all got to do with CBD?...
Using meditation to focus and be more present to yourself as well as surroundings is a great way to relieve stress.

According to an NIH survey, approximately 18 million people have turned to a daily meditation practice to alleviate stress and tune in to their body. It’s no wonder that many people are also adding CBD to their practice to help center and focus their attention on being present.

CBD has several properties that reduce stress and create calm in the body, helping to further the practice of meditation. CBD is non-intoxicating and can provide relief from regular pain, but when combined with mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation, the effects are compounded.

New to mediation? We love the One Giant Mind app, it's free and has a 30-day introduction to meditation challenge! 

On days our minds won't stop racing we drop some of our fast-acting water-soluble CBD pre-meditating, it helps with a sense of calm and clarity. 
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