Introducing Higher Times.

pretty damn well,
We're excited to introduce Higher Times.

Higher Times is our new weekly newsletter, a round-up covering all things that accompany being well; as CBD paired with a well-rounded wellness regime brings optimum results.

We want to keep you in the know and make it as easy as possible to feel good. Expect places to eat; plant-based, healthy and a few of our faves for good measure. That new studio that opened or the one that's been there forever that's good for your soul? We got you on that too. Inspiring podcasts? Balanced travel guides? Coming to you in the coming weeks.

In addition, we're going to be introducing our experts across wholistic healing, herbalism, skincare, and fitness, plus keeping you updated and educated on the ever-changing CBD world.

We hope the newsletter will inspire you to keep well; mind + body, inside and out. 

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Tessa + Alana