Covering the bases.

- The On The Go - 
Water Soluble CBD

Our fast-acting water-soluble formula is great for helping with stress and anxiety, the higher bioavailability of a water-soluble formula means your body is able to absorb more and feel the effects quicker. 

This formula will completely dissolve into any beverage with no taste or oily residue.

Carry with you and take as needed, hot tip, drop 30 minutes before a workout for greater endurance.

Our water-soluble formula is pure CBD with zero THC.

- The Daily Essential - 
Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Our full-spectrum CBD oil contains a wide range of cannabinoids including CBN, CBG, and CBC. These cannabinoids all work together causing an entourage effect that increases the effectiveness of the CBD.

The oil formula has a wide range of benefits from helping with pain and inflammation, regulating your sleep cycle and easing stress and anxiety. 

Keep where your daily essentials live and take every day like you would a supplement


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