Ride A Higher Wave Of Wellness With Tessa + Alana

CBD. And not the Central Business District kind. Some of you might have heard these 3 little letters, or seen them pop up on menus at bars, cafes, and restaurants – some maybe not. But one thing is for sure, if you haven’t, you’re about to.

We thought we’d save you the trouble of googling “what is CBD” and “best CBD to use” by introducing you to the source and the producers of the only one you need to know about.

Say Hello to Tessa and Alana, the co-founders of Higher Wave Wellness and Daily Dose CBD, a new wave of “better” (AKA less anxious) City Living.

After living in LA, CBD had become a staple part of Alana’s daily routine, but when she got to NYC, she found it difficult to find a dose of CBD that was sustainably produced, and water-soluble to add to, well, anything really. So, she decided to create one and enlisted the help of Tessa to create Higher Wave Wellness.

Join us for the next installment of City Girls on Film with Tessa + Alana and a stroll through the Lower East Side.

 The Hustle

Tessa: “My daily hustle for the past few months has been crazy, I work 9-5 at LoveShackFancy, run a lifestyle website on downtown New York – The Something Life and Alana and I have been working on Higher Wave Wellness since the start of the year – thank god we discovered CBD it’s really helped me not stress out and overthink things!”

Alana: “I currently juggle being a full time personal assistant while trying to grow our newly found company Higher Wave Wellness and the launch of its first product Daily Dose CBD. If I’m not in an office, I’m usually working from coffee shops and hotel lobby’s – the energy and new environments inspire me. Traveling has always been my passion and seeing as I’d consider myself a digital nomad, I balance my time in front of the screen with staying fit and active with yoga, meditation or an occasional DJ gig to get me jiving.”

Alana + Tessa: “Higher Wave Wellness is centered around convenience for an on the go lifestyle – much like OVERT! We want to create wellness products that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and assist you through your day to day, we’re passionate about the power of plants which is a center of the brand.”

OVERT city girls Tessa and Alana higher wave wellness cbd

What the EFF is CBD? And, how do we use it?

Tessa + Alana: “CBD sounds like a miracle product – and it kind of is! It’s an extract of hemp, a part of the cannabis family (which people can be a bit scared of!) but it’s completely legal and contains no THC (the psychoactive ingredient), CBD gives you all the therapeutic benefits of marijuana without the high. CBD oils can have a bit of a nasty taste when taken under the tongue which is why we were looking for a different way to ingest. 

Daily Dose is water soluble so you can drop into anything from your morning smoothie to coffee, to a glass of water! The flavor is subtle and you won’t even notice it’s there. We always have a hard time listing the benefits as there are so many and different people appreciate different elements.

CBD helps to regulate your body’s systems – mood, appetite, sleep, and energy. It also helps with pain management and inflammation, eases stress and anxiety – and helps you focus!” 

We’re sold. Where can we find it?

“You can get Daily Dose direct from us online @ dailydoseus.com, and we are excited to be stocked at TRADE, (inside the Public Hotel on Chrystie Street in the LES) which also doubles as our unofficial office – or if you want to try it in a cocktail, visit our mates at Bar Belly on Orchard Street.”

“We’d also love to invite you to join us for one of our CBD enhanced wellness events around the city and experience the benefits of CBD combined with a pilates or yoga sesh. Sign up to the mailing list (see website) or follow along on IG to be the first to know where we’re popping up next!.”

OVERT city girls Tessa and Alana higher wave wellness cbd
The Backstory

Tessa: “I’m from Melbourne Australia, I moved to New York about three years ago because I knew there was something more to be achieved in my life and it wasn’t going to happen in Melbourne! Like most Australians it’s all about getting over here and giving it a go, we’re lucky to have a big community here and everyone’s really supportive. I’ve always had a passion for building brands, being a part of something from the start and helping it grow. I’ve always been in the fashion industry and I’ve learned so much, now I’m loving putting what I’ve learned into a product that’s my own and one that can really help people.”

Alana: “Born and raised in Melbourne, during my studies of Business and Marketing I never felt I was on a road that led down a specific career path, but always knew I wanted to be a young entrepreneur. I figured, where else but the fast-paced world of New York City, where the sky is the limit and opportunities are endless. With previous experience in PR and sales working within the luxury fashion and the hospitality industry, I decided to focus my skills towards building my own business under the health and wellness umbrella seeing as it was the direction my lifestyle was going in. The wellness industry and culture embody my core values, and to be a part of growing a business that educates and creates plant-based products to help to nourish our wellbeing is happily, where I have found myself.”

What’s Next?

Alana + Tessa: “We are both about to step away from our 9-5 roles which is equal parts scary and beyond exciting! We’re really focused on building a community in New York around the benefits of CBD and bringing like-minded people together through our wellness series. We have some really fun events coming up and are both excited to get out there and meet people! We plan to spend time in Australia over the (southern) Summer and take some family trips. Always good to check out what’s happening in the CBD industry around the world.

For all the latest news in CBD, and to attend one of their CBD enhanced wellness events – follow them on the gram @higherwavewellness – and check them out on the City Girls on Film channel.