Why we use a Full Spectrum CBD Extract

As educators and daily users of CBD, we always strive to ensure that our consumers are getting the most out of our products.

Two of the most common forms of CBD extracts are full spectrum extracts and CBD isolates. Although these two products contain high levels of CBD, the resemblance stops there. Full spectrum extract provides users with a rich array of phytochemicals, whereas CBD isolate offers a powerful hit of a single molecule.

GREATER Benefits

Full Spectrum CBD contain a range of Cannabinoids (CBG, CBC, CBN), Terpenes and other phytonutrients that work together to increase the efficiency and the positive effects of the CBD. 

CBD isolate is just as it sounds. It’s an extract that contains extremely high levels of CBD—and that’s basically it. While still being beneficial, it doesn't offer a diverse array of chemicals that work in synergy to produce effects like the full spectrum.

On your mind

Does it taste different? Yes, the full spectrum extract has an earthy flavor to it. The All-Natural is pure hemp and allows the notes of the plant to be tasted, alternatively, the Peppermint is less earthy, it’s more refreshing and soothing on the palette.

What about the bioavailability? The best way for the body to absorb CBD is through a carrier oil, which improves the absorption in the gut. This works because CBD is a fat-soluble substance. The Full Spectrum extract is carried in Organic Hemp Seed Oil, which is rich in "good" fatty acids + essential to a healthy diet.

Can I add it to my beverage? Yes! It must be a blended beverage though, think smoothies or espresso coffee before you add the milk.

Time for a NEW approach?

We’d suggest experimenting with taking the oil under the tongue. This direct and highly efficient delivery method preserves the specific combination of cannabinoids and terpenes, giving you a consistent experience. 

Effectively by moving to the Full Spectrum extract, you’ll be supercharging the feel-good feels you experienced with the water-soluble.

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