CBD changed my life for the better

Hello! My name is Alice Villalta and CBD changed my life for the better.

This journey opened a path to become determined in finding stillness and peace in my daily corporate life. 

I work full time as a Digital Search Marketing Supervisor in an Advertising Agency in New York City celebrating my 10th year in the industry, in tandem with training to become a 200-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher.

Alice Villalta

As you could imagine, there has been a lot of stress and unpredictability as there were limited options to feel I was in control in a corporate environment.

How CBD became part of my daily routine

I have worked and did marketing research with Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical brands and noticed they have a numerous amount of side effects for anxiety & depression medication which is something I did not want to jeopardize my mind and body in a more critical condition.

Then, I found a local Matcha café shop in my work neighborhood of TriBeCa and was introduced to CBD tincture from Higher Wave Wellness.

Bye bye, anxiety and depression

I tried a small dosage daily in my morning tea and matcha for a week. From there, I noticed new opportunities were beginning to flourish as my anxiety and depression was beginning to be minimized and become more manageable over time.

Alice Villalta

My CBD journey

As my journey with CBD began, a few opportunities came my way such as: Being offered a new team leadership role in my Advertising Agency. From there, I became more motivated to transition my daily yoga practice to a 200-Hour Yoga Teaching Training program where I will be graduating in June 2020.
I discovered that I wanted to give back to my local community of the South Bronx as the area is tremendously underserved in terms of guided wellness leadership were scarce.

"CBD has granted me the freedom to manage my daily anxiety and depression decreasing significantly. It never caused me to become dependent on the tinctures from Higher Wave Wellness products which is incredible!

My depression symptoms began to decrease in tandem by practicing yoga, being part of a supportive wellness community, and getting my life back on track by being ambitious to get things done to help communities in need of managing mental health."

I have recommended CBD to my family and friends as a natural way of managing anxiety, inflammation, sleep cycles and depression symptoms. Honestly, not sure if my life would have turned out the same way it is today without being introduced to Higher Wave Wellness CBD in my local café.

It has been an incredible journey with fulfilling side effects of a much more manageable life towards mental health relief!

Contributed by Alice Villalta

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