Virtual Volunteering - #DoSomethingGoodToday

Founded by Deevee Kashi, a former nightclub promoter and co-owner of (now closed) late-night hot spot NeverNever, Deed is an app created with giving back to the community in mind.

Like all the other apps created to make our lives easier and more time-efficient, Deed allows people to volunteer their time easily and at their whim.

The volunteer options cover a wide range of interests and causes such as; urban gardening, dog walking for animal shelters, bingo with seniors, art classes, breakfast, and lunch food services. You can also hit the streets for the monthly feed walk, distributing packed lunches to shelters and parks around the city.

We've been a big fan of Deed for a while

Living in the East Village we loved helping at the community gardens, especially at this time of year! Going into Spring there is so much maintenance and new plants to be planted, the gardens in the city are maintained by volunteers who really appreciate the help, and most of them have lived in the area for years and have some pretty entertaining stories!

Due to the current situation, Deed has decided to take there volunteering initiatives virtually.

Tessa Rushton | Deed | Volunteering

Do good, feel good

People are coming together to support and advocate for healthcare workers, buy gift cards to small businesses, reach out to the vulnerable in their communities, and donate to organizations they care about. 

#GivingTuesdayNow – a new global day of giving and unity as an emergency response to COVID-19.

Opportunities to participate

Make Medical Masks


Volunteers are needed to help sew medical masks at home to support COVID-19 relief. This grassroots nonprofit will provide the sewing instructions and connect you with shipping directions to mail your homemade masks to a facility in need. 

Thank You Notes to Shelter Staff


Care For the Homeless is asking volunteers to submit thank you letters or videos of encouragement to the health care providers and the staff of their shelters. These individuals work extremely hard on a daily basis, and COVID-19 has made their jobs much more challenging.

Caring Calls to Seniors


DOROT serves as a vital lifeline to thousands of older adults in New York City and Westchester. We’ve created a new Caring Calls program to continue DOROT’s critical work to build social connections between the generations during this global health crisis – a time when face-to-face contact is, unfortunately, no longer a safe option.

Video Editing for TEACH


Help TEACH to edit newly created videos that will demonstrate our module activities and reach hundreds of children across the country during COVID-19. The videos will also reach hundreds of children a year who are in isolation at our partner hospitals!