New Orleans

Late last year we jumped on a plane to New Orleans, the home of good music, interesting Bourbon street and a whole lot of southern food.

While loving live music at every turn, learning about the history of jazz and drinking whiskeys at midday we were also very impressed by the wellness offerings available. 

Being New Orleans everything has a super laid back cool feel about it, our first stop was to Sun Days Day Club - it has a pool which is an instant win for a city that doesn't really have a winter. You can pre-dip detox in the infrared sauna then head off into the day with an Irish coffee or glass of rose, which they have on tap.

Elevate your sweat sessions at Romney Studios - the mega former class left us mega sore! There are two locations covering off most workouts you can think of including pilates, boxing, cycle, plus a few you haven't thought of but will definitely want to try.

Refuel at The Daily Beet where the menu has been carefully crafted with the well-being of the city in mind. Enjoy all the good things sourced from local ingredients.