#trashtoterracotta, A New Obsession

I have to admit I’ve never been one to follow hashtags on Instagram, maybe I’m showing my age or my lack of tech prowess but I didn’t really get it until I discovered #trashtoterracotta.

Trash to Terracotta by Geneva Vanderzeil

DIY Terra Cotta Pots

I’m not sure where this hashtag originated, but the premise is taking old vases that are either in that trash pile we all now have of things that MUST get out of the apartment post iso cleaning blitz, or can be easily found at your local thrift store and giving them a fresh coat of terracotta paint.

Terracotta Paint and White Ceramic Paint

The result is beautiful Pinterest worthy vases, and the thing is it seems like a craft that ANYONE can do!

Every before and after photo looks pretty damn good.

Trash to Terracotta by Geneva Vanderzeil

Prepare to scroll then find yourself heading to your local hardware store for a tin of terracotta paint.

Hot Tip

It turns out terracotta paint doesn’t come in white, so if you’re feeling REALLY crafty you can make your own here, (Geneva also breaks the upcycling process down a little more!)