Tomen Ancient Botanical Remedies

“Adaptogenic botanical remedies that have been developed with a chef to taste otherworldly”

Welcome to the world of Tomen’s ancient botanical remedies; functional concentrates that balance and restore our natural rhythms.

At a time when everyone is looking to keep immunity levels high, these are an easy addition to your current wellness regime, every 2ml dropper contains a full dose of adaptogenic and medicinal botanicals. 

Friend of HWW (and massive cool girl) Anne Owens created Tomen from her personal quest to bring a physical and mental balance into her life through establishing a consistent daily wellness routine. Leaving the fast-paced magazine publishing world to pursue her entrepreneurial endeavors she often found herself over-extended and out of balance (Hand up if you can relate?!) 

“I’ve always believed deeply in the interdependence between people and plants, and so to bring equilibrium back to my body and mind, I began to explore a variety of global plant-based healing remedies and rituals, which often came in the form of powders and tinctures. While these products provided some health benefits, they all had trade-offs such as terrible taste, preservatives, artificial sweeteners or inconvenient format. So I set out to create great-tasting and powerful healing concentrates that were convenient, potent, efficacious and pure.

Assisted by masters in traditional Chinese medicine, integrative wellness, western herbology, and botany, we created Tomen's five formulas. I hope they support you on your personal wellness journey, as they did for me.”

Tomen’s range includes Immunity, Focus, Digest, Calm or Detox - the perfect booster to your CBD baseline, shop now and receive 15% off. 

We’re obsessed!