How To Change your Limiting Beliefs

Featuring The Lifestyle Edit & Mindset Expert Stephanie Booth

This week I took myself on a walk and decided to catch up on The Lifestyle Edit podcast. The episode that caught my eye was ‘How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs + Adopt A Growth Mindset’.

The episode didn’t disappoint, covering off how important mindset and beliefs are to achieving our goals;

“The results in our lives and businesses today are a direct correlation to past beliefs and thoughts. Hitting that next milestone, then, is less about buffering with more knowledge – oftentimes, we already know what we should be doing. Instead, what’s really needed is an uplevelling of our mindset.” 

Stephanie Booth

Mindset expert Stephanie Booth then goes on to break down exactly how to do it.

Expect tangible steps to reach your goals, overcome anxiety, imposter syndrome and the fear of failure. Stephanie explains:

  • How to distinguish between negative mental chatter and your intuition
  • Simple steps you can implement today to slowly and sustainably change your beliefs to support where you want to go.

The Lifestyle Edit

The Lifestyle Edit is a start-up support network for women by Naomi Mdudu, founder and CEO. Naomi is on a mission to help women in business businesses gain clarity, grow demand and visibility and scale with intention.

The podcast is a candid weekly conversation with creative women entrepreneurs. Each episode is a narrative journey of the triumphs, failures and insights from boundary pushing creative women.

Expect honest conversations about:
  • Opportunities and challenges of starting a business
  • Vulnerable accounts of how founders have recreated a definition of success on their own terms

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