Thea Hughes for Fitness

Our expert
all things fitness. 

We’re excited to introduce our fitness expert Thea Hughes. Thea leads the creative and marketing at SESSION in South Williamsburg where she’s also a functional strength coach. A force of good energy, creativity, and an all-round cool kid we’re forever inspired by her endeavors.

If you’ve ever been to a class at SESSION you can feel the community vibe, a feeling that you’re getting more than just a walk-in walk-out workout experience. This is a big part of Thea’s training ethos, creating a space where fitness and wellness blend and while lifting, you’re also making friends and seeing familiar faces. 

Thea’s holistic approach to fitness combines hard work, whole food nutrition, and a healthy mindset for realistic progression. A former dancer, Thea is a Certified Functional Strength Coach as well as Pre/Postnatal Pilates instructor, her focus is on getting people to move better by incorporating strength work, education, mobility, and recovery practices. 

We’ve collaborated with Thea to bring you a series of Away SESSIONS - Workouts that you can do from anywhere, be it traveling or your space-challenged New York apartment. 

Keep an eye out next week for the first workout!