Sweat With Les

Get ready to feel the BURN. 

Working out in 2020

The way we approach workouts in 2020 has pretty much been turned on its head, while it’s been an adjustment we’re excited to have found some workouts we love and look forward to doing each week at home. A big part of what we miss about attending a class is the social aspect of going with friends (and getting a coffee or brunch afterward!)

While there’s no replacing the coffee and the brunch aspect, becoming a virtual regular at an online class with some of your friends, or friends to be is a pretty good start to the day!

Currently on high rotation for us is the Full-body Conditioning class with Leslie Corbett aka “Sweat With Les”

Meet Leslie

I’ve been a dancer for over 20 years with a huge passion for fitness and health. I’ve had the once in a lifetime opportunity to dance center court as a Knicks City Dancer at MSG for 3 years and now I’m a group fitness Instructor at the amazing Body By Simone in New York. 

Sweat With Les - The Class

Sweat with Les” classes are HIIT and strength training workouts via Zoom.

Classes are high energy and will seriously kick your butt! Believe us she doesn’t hold back, the playlists are always on point and the class is a mix of dance cardio and strengthening exercises.

“I sweat with you, I smile and laugh with you because working out at home comes with challenges (I.e. I workout next to my dresser in my bedroom, not ideal) but most importantly I SEE YOU and I hold you accountable.

Whether you are new to your fitness journey or a professional athlete, I’m dedicated to helping you become stronger and feel empowered." 

- Leslie

Join us!

Her schedule has times that are friendly to the east coast of both the US and AUS which is a bonus!

Check her out here and join us for a sweat we’re regulars at the Monday Evening (US time) / Tuesday Morning (Aus time)

You can jump on the IG for the weekly schedule release or get on the mailing list by saying hi at corbettleslie1@gmail.com

How To Wind-Down

I wind down after class with a .50mL CBD dose - I love to dose post-workout when my endorphins are up! Plus I know it’s helping reduce inflammation and aide the recovery of my muscles so I’m ready to go again the next day!

- HWW Co-founder Tessa Rushton