Vera Yoga

Find your flow.

"When you don't think you can hold warrior II any longer, but the music is bumping, it might make you stay there for that extra breath, which in turn can make you grow.” Wade Helliwell, pro-basketball-player-turned-yogi and co-owner of Vera Yoga (Formally Sweat Yoga), a gorgeous lofty hot yoga studio in Tribeca.

There’s something about Vera that makes you feel innately welcome, like you’ve practiced there before even if it’s your first time.

Each class begins with an intention, instructor Emmie Danza draws on what’s happening in the universe and assesses the current energy flows. Heart openers, backbends, whatever she thinks we need that day, we get. And the thing is, she’s right.

Walk into Vera with worries, and walk out feeling lighter. And more bendy.

Contributed by Steph.R at The Something Life