Humming Puppy

Humming Puppy's Chelsea location is the first US studio for the Australian yoga venture with "a room quite literally 'hums'... and this is by no means an accident! Their yoga space or ‘shala’, engineered by ARUP (one of the worlds leading acoustic engineers), is injected with a combination of frequencies to enhance and deepen your experience.. The level of the hum is said to be the same that creatives and elite athletes hear when they are in the zone, the idea being it helps you find your own zone through the practice." - Jackie, Founder

There are 3 different classes offered; Mellow Hum which is similar to a yin practice, Unified Hum a chill vinyasa flow focused on connecting flow and breath poses and a Dynamic Flow, a vinyasa focused around stronger, longer holds and more advanced postures.

On top of the class offering, no expense has been spared in making the whole studio a zen paradise. Before or after class, you can help yourself to the complimentary coconut water or an organic razzlemint or rooibos chai tea and then relax on one of the plush lounges. The building is architecturally beautiful with large windows, high ceilings and well wornfloorboards that make you think maybe you'll just go and chill in the lounge with a good book and skip the yoga all together.

Which isn't something you would want to do, especially on the last Sunday of every month as we co-host the Mellow Hum 6pm class!  Enjoy complimentary Higher Wave CBD dosing at the wellness bar before or after class to helping clear and calm the mind. It's the ultimate self care Sunday ritual.

You can reserve a mat on the Humming Puppy website here.

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