Box + Flow

sweat well,
Flow thru the fight.

Box + Flow is exactly what you think it is, a class where you get to punch the hell out of a punching bag for 45 minutes with a 15-minute power flow to stretch out after.

It is the first gym of its kind in New York, founder Liv Young's workout approach centers around five pillars: movement, breath, music, energy, and balance.

The overarching concept of the studio is one of balance, matching meditational "mindfulness" with the speed and force of a boxing workout.

The instructors ask “what are you fighting for?” (um, everything) and say things like “it’s ok to take up space” which seems obvious, but sitting in the darkroom, sweaty and exhausted, their words get to you and the energy reverberates off the walls of the mirrorless studio. It’s empowering, and it feels damn good. 

Contributed by Steph R @ TSL.