Hit House

Not a punch in the face...

A little while ago, a girl at work mentioned a new Muay Thai kickboxing studio that had opened up on Spring Street and at first, it was a “no thanks” from us because what even is Muay Thai it sounds like a punch in the face, to be honest. Last week though, we found ourselves signed up for a Saturday morning class at Hit House.

Any apprehension for the workout quickly evaporated in the impressive basement space of 2 Spring. Once you enter the studio, you find your “Bishop” a customized and patented striking bag designed to mitigate the swaying and momentum a traditional heavy bag creates when hanging from chains.

Class begins with active warm up and guided instruction on how to correctly throw jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts, kicks, knees, and elbows. Charismatic owner and experienced fighter, Tyler Scott is clearly passionate about his craft as he calls out the different combinations and movements to a booming music soundtrack mixing pop hits and 90s grunge. Prepare to sweat, workout hard and even learn a thing or two about the gracefully vicious art of Muay Thai.

Gloves and hand wraps are required (both are available for rental for $2). The class is barefoot.

Lovers and fighters unite.