Skin and Hair Oil - A How To

Hi Guys!

Tessa here, I wanted to do a rundown today on how I'm using our new skin and hair oil, I know sometimes too many options can get a bit confusing!

Why a Skin AND Hair Oil?

We wanted our first topical product to be super versatile - a minimalist essential!
The result was to create an everyday oil that can be used all over, infused with premium Full Spectrum CBD.

The CBD extract helps to balance the skin and reduce inflammation, for additional functionality we paired it with antioxidant-rich oils. 

In New York, you're often out and on the go ALL DAY so carrying a million products for touch-ups or gym sessions can weigh you down, literally.

Having this one product in your bag will come in useful in most situations (unexpected sleepovers included!)

Pump it!

Use the pump bottle on:

Face - As a lightweight moisturizer, apply to clean skin or after your serums. Use morning, night, or both.

Take it off - Massage oil directly onto dry skin and remove with a damp cotton pad to take off makeup and sunscreen, this is a great way to clean skin post-workout too. It won't dry your skin out!

Body - Use all over for a nourishing skin treatment. 

Hair Treating - To treat hair apply to hair ends 30 mins before washing - this is a life saver over summer especially when at the beach!

Hair Taming -  Apply a small amount hands and rub together, run hands through hair to tame flyaways.

Roll with it ~

Use the rollerball directly onto your face, best to use on clean skin.

Hot tip: Keep it in the fridge for an extra depuff :)

You can also dab on wrists and neck throughout the day for a sense of calm.

Got another way you've been using it? Let me know in the comments below :)