Quaranchill with Pamela Tick

If you're anything like us being home all day means music is a BIG part of setting the vibe for the day, whether it’s high intensity beats for a workout, something to get you through the never-ending core set in Pilates or laid back chill as background music while you get into the work zone.

One of our favorite go-to girls for new beats is NY DJ Pamela Tick, her selections are always a vibe but her playlists are rare, which is why we’re extra happy she has just released a 2-hour mix of “Quarantunes” (all about the quarantine puns), plus a playlist of 50's hits which is perfect for when you exhaust your usual genre. 

Listen to the Quarantunes mix over happy hour, working, cooking or most activities that happen in your apartment.

Find her profile here or listen to the Quarantunes below.