Help us legalise CBD in Australia

Australian Revolution.

As many of you know Higher Wave Wellness has some strong ties to Australia. Alana and I are both Australian and currently residing here while waiting out the COVID pandemic. 

Australia is one of the only countries in the world where CBD is illegal. Excitingly a new proposal has been put forward down-scheduling CBD from a schedule 4 drug to a schedule 3 drug which would make it available behind the counter at pharmacies.

This is BIG!

If you're in Australia and want to be able to freely purchase CBD, or if you're not in Australia but want to cheer on the market here we've put together a super easy guide on how to email a submission below.

Submissions close May 22nd AEST so get in quick! 

How can I help? How do I make a submission?

We are encouraging anyone who feels strongly about safe access to CBD to make a submission.

3 Simple steps to make a submission 

  1. Download the TGA Consultation Submission Coversheet.

  2. Write your submission

  3. Send your submission to the Dept of Health:
    a) Send your submission, including cover sheet to
    b) Please include ‘Proposed Amendments to the Poisons Standard (Medicines/Chemicals)‘ in the subject line of the email

What information should I put into my submission

  • Discussions around how this might impact you personally, both with regards to your health and/or your business and your business interests. 
  • You can also provide an informed opinion about whether you think this is safe or not.
  • You can discuss your thoughts around the safety of these products or the risks that you might perceive. 

It’s important that you are clear about:

  • Do you support the amendment – yes or no?
  • Suggestions or improvements that you may have.
  • If explaining the impact of the proposed changes on you or your business, please attempt to quantify those costs or benefits.

For more details and a better understanding visit honahlee

Alternatively, If you're having trouble making a submission, we can assist you. Simply fill out this form as detailed as possible and we will respond with the next steps.