Overthrow is the dive bar equivalent of the New York City boxing circuit.

The no-frills boxing workout gym housed at 9 Bleecker Street in a two-level townhouse that was once home to the Yippies, an organization that arose out of the anti-war movements of the ’60s and became known for all kinds of social activism.

Instead of going the sleek and shiny route much like the other boxing gyms downtown, the space riffs off and proudly showcases the building’s roots, like decorating an entire wall of the boxing studio with copies of Overthrow Magazine, which used to be printed there (and where owner Joey Goodwin got the name for the gym).

The workout takes place in the dark basement, where duct-tape wrapped punching bags hang from metal chains on exposed pipes and booming music echoes. The space revels in its rawness. The smell of sweat fills the air. Do not expect to find heated hand towels, small-batch face creams or aromatic sprays.

Be prepared to work hard. The class starts with cardio drills, into shadow boxing, and then onto shared bags for rounds of jabs. Throw in some burpees, millions of push-ups and sit-ups and leave absolutely wrecked, and definitely covered in filth.

Classes are available for $34, and they can be booked in person or on the website. Beyond the everyday programs, there are a few specials, like a Friday class called Boxing & Booze (which ends with a cold beer) or a Monday donation-based class (where the money goes to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood).

Go see Mike on Thursday mornings but remember to duck, because he’ll punch you in the face if you don’t get out of the way quick enough.

Contributed by Steph.R at The Something Life