NY Tough by Convicts

Convicts; trouble makers for a better world. An original content agency with a conscience, on a mission, to make the planet a better place and having a damn good time while doing so (well possibly not right now, but generally speaking).

This week Convicts have outdone themselves with a brilliantly inspiring video - ‘NY Tough’.

“New York is the home of tough love. And right now, we need to double-down on both halves of that emotion: we need more toughness and more love than ever before. We are off the edge of the subway map right now. But it's not like we're going to stop keeping on. That's not in your DNA, that's not in CONVICTS DNA and it's damn sure not in NYC's DNA.

We hope this inspires you to keep your chin up and remember both the grit this city's met the bad times with in the past, and the joy that will inevitably come with the good. 

As New Yorkers, we know we're tough. But frankly, this spirit isn't just for our city right now: it's for the whole world.”