New Moon in Aquarius

Written by Chala Guzel our new moon guru.

New Moons are a time of setting new intentions & entering new energy. Whilst we are still in mercury retrograde, we are entering a new phase of the moon which happens when the earth lines up with the sun. Each new moon is synced with a different astrological sign there’s 12 new moons a year giving each new moon its own meaning.

You might be feeling flustered and confused with what you want? Reminiscing on the past and the old way of being a bit too much? If this is happening to you, it’s time to stop drop and roll into the Aquarius energy. If Aquarius is here to do anything, it’s pushing us not to be afraid of thinking out the box, seeing new visions for the future, create community or join a pre-existing community. This supportive energy will create momentum for collaboration progressive & free-thinking energy.

If you haven’t been practising Self-Care this is your time to crank up whatever helps you feel calm, clear & balanced it looks different to all of us. Self-care allows you to show up for yourself and others, especially if you are someone who is brilliant at caring and giving to others. Life won’t be very patient with you if you give from an empty cup. The calmer balance and centred you are inside; you will see the reflection in your outside reality.

On the flip side, Aquarius’s stubborn energy has a tendency to be explosive. Be mindful of conversations you are having, there will be tension with people who don’t see eye to eye with your views. Instead of entering a battlefield try grounding yourself and stepping away from conversations that are not aligned with your views or send compassion and love rather than entering with hate and anger. The dark and fear energy is very seductive, it wants you hooked so just remember during chaotic times choose wisely weed through whatever doesn’t feel good for you. If something is knocking you off your balance turn your energy to self-care and listen to the signs. It’s not fun! It’s uncomfortable we will all be going through this purge at moments, it might take hours or days for some people.

This is particularly an important new moon to plant those intentions with clarity and to really think about what you want to come into fruition, as Jupiter will be moving over this seed you are planting three times! Jupiter is the planet of expansion & growth this is like pouring miracle dust on what you are planting. So, this is exciting and important time to create your ritual and set those intentions.

The last time this energy was around was in February 1962 during the beginning of the Hippie Era, where people wanted to come together and create a strong sense of community. It was an age of protesting and campaigns about human and civil rights which is channelling the Aquarian humanitarian energy.

Fundamental principle for the new moon is be intentional with what you want, there will be fearful moments however if Aquarius is here to do anything it’s support you what you want and shift through what doesn’t align with you.

What now?

Here is your opportunity to look at things from a new perspective, Aquarius energy is going to help you look at things from a creative way, make a vision board & set some goals and ensure that self-care is a priority.

Mediate on how it will look like to get that partner in your love life?

How you will feel when you find that business partner?

How you will feel when you create new space for like-minded people?

How you will feel when you are settled in your new home?

How you will feel when you get that pay raise?

What would I like to bring in for me and the world?


Happy New Moon.


Love Cha xx