Nama-Stay-Right Where You Are

Yes, it’s still damn cold. March is when the winter months start dragging on and we just want it to be over. On top of that, Caronavirus has us boarded up in our apartments and honestly, we’re going a little crazy. 

Good news though, for the days and times like these, there is technology and the clever people at The Down Dog, who created an app that provides a studio-like yoga experience in the comfort of your home, keeping your health on track when the mornings are sub-zero. 

“You can personalize the length of the class, the level, the speed, and even the volume of the voice and music. They have a pretty rad music library I often find myself discovering new tracks to add to my Spotify playlist,” Overt Co-Founder Sarah Saxty on her latest life hack and way to avoid the winter freeze one more time.

Bye to all other yoga apps with annoying instructor's voices, average class variations and poor recording quality. Hello, The Down Dog App and great yoga everywhere.

+ Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, they are making all of their apps completely FREE until April 1st. 

Contributed by Sarah Saxty via The Something Life