Managing Daytime Fatigue (and get a better nights sleep!) with CBD

Managing daytime fatigue and better sleep with CBD

Ok so this is an interesting one as we know the CBD can help with sleep, but if it helps with sleep then HOW is going to also help me stay awake?

The key being that getting a proper night sleep, where your body gets the rest it needs will in turn fuel your day allowing you to get the most out of your awake hours.

How CBD helped me

Personally I would always find myself fatiguing in the afternoon, post lunch break I would find my lids closing and I only had half the productivity rates I'd had in the morning. So generally I fueled my afternoon with coffee and 3pm snacks.

Since taking CBD I've noticed I don't fall into the same slump! Post lunch I feel much more clear headed and I'm able to completely refocus on tasks at hand, I do still love an afternoon coffee but I'm no longer hunting out a 3pm sugary snack! See more on CBD and appetite .

With approximately 50 to 70 million Americans experiencing a sleep disorder along with the current stress of the ongoing pandemic and protests, it’s understandable why so many are struggling with maintaining a proper, healthy sleep schedule.

Sleep deprivation can wreak serious havoc across the entire body, impacting you physically, emotionally, and mentally. When individuals experience a lack of sleep, it can quickly lead to excessive daytime fatigue and a lack of work productivity.

While there are countless prescription and over-the-counter medications for sleep, they’re only meant for short-term use and can pose numerous adverse side effects (see more on How CBD Compares to other sleep supplements). 

CBD may offer a natural alternative for helping you manage daytime fatigue and a better night’s sleep.

The potential benefits of CBD for sleep and daytime fatigue

CBD interacts with the endo-cannabinoid system which is responsible for regulating the body’s major physiological functions including sleep.

By promoting homeostasis across all systems and regulating the body’s natural production of melatonin, CBD may facilitate a better night’s sleep.

CBD may also help address some of the underlying causes that can disrupt your sleep cycles or make it more difficult to fall asleep at night.

CBD’s promising anti-anxiety, stress-relieving, muscle relaxant, and pain-relieving properties may enable a better physical and emotional state for promoting a better quality of sleep.

HWW CBD for sleep and daytime fatigue

Our Everyday Balance formula can help promote better sleep and alleviate daytime fatigue. This all-natural, minimal ingredient formula can help in achieving a better quality of rest as well as provide that natural boost you’re looking for to start your day.

How to dose for sleep:

For sleep we recommend dosing before bed start with dosing .25mL on the measured dropper for one week, then increase to .50mL for the second week.

For the first two weeks, you want to be super consistent and have it every day to allow your body to adjust. If you feel drowsy at all during the day decrease your dose for another week before increasing, any drowsiness will subside as your body adjusts :)

Remember when new to CBD always start low and increase.