How To Deal With Self-Isolation Thoughts

This Week, Jesse Isreal and Jackie Cantwell from The Big Quiet did a live meditation followed by a Q&A, touching on how this time of Quarantine can bring up emotions of past relationships.

We as human beings tend to perseverate, which is the idea of the brain looping, thinking and overthinking. It can be really easy when we are isolated when we don’t have that touch or those deeper more direct connections, to be thinking about past relationships and to feel some of the discomfort. Jesse explains:

"This is such an important experience to be having, because one of the beautiful things to come from having more time just with ourselves (which is what a lot of us are experiencing right now), is the opportunity for our true nature to emerge with fewer distractions happening, where we are always doing stuff. Spending more time where we are just sitting with ourselves, more of our true nature comes to light, and in this process stuff that we haven’t thought about in a while can come to the surface. Stuff that we usually distract ourselves away from can come up, and what’s so important when we have this experience is for us to embrace it and welcome whatever these thoughts can be - if it's about ex’s, if it's about work, if it's about friends or family."

When uncomfortable stuff comes up, we allow it to come up and understand that by not trying to fix it but by simply allowing it to come and process, it works through the body and we release it just in the way that we’re meant to.

How Do I Deal With Uncomfortable Thoughts & Feelings? 

Just allow yourself to feel them, don’t shame them and don’t try to change them. They will be with you as long as they need to and then they will move and release. As long as your giving yourself that time and space for that to happen, it will happen in a really healthy way. It’s a really important process.

Here's Where CBD Comes Into Play

We also think that during this process, supplementing with CBD work's not to suppress these feelings, but more so ease your mind and body into dealing with them, and eliminate common reactions such as panic attacks, sleepless nights or depressive thoughts when dealing with these feelings.