DIY Floral Arrangements – for beginners!

Featuring Ahna Hughe, Founder and CEO of Dear Bayard

Ahna Hughe is the creative flower genius behind Dear Bayard, a NYC based florist and design studio. We first met Ahna at a networking event and fell in love with her minimal aesthetic.

Dear Bayard specializes in thoughtfully designed flower arrangements and installations for weddings, intimate gatherings and events.

We loved Ahna's flower arrangement ideas we got Dear Bayard to style our NYFW party at Public Hotel last year!

Floral Design

This Friday Ahna Hughe is hosting a free flower arranging workshop which is a must-do iso activity.

Everything you will need from your local grocery store:

  • Two Local Flowers
  • Two Filler Flowers
  • One Textural Element
  • Vase approx 3" (or a mason jar)
  • Kitchen scissors (to cut the flowers)
  • Scotch Tape

Where to buy flowers:

In the context of creating a beautiful arrangement at home, not all flowers are created equal. You want to consider their longevity. Among cut flowers in the grocery store, some of the long lasting varieties include roses, alstroemeria, carnations, aster and chrysanthemums. Flowers with sturdier stems will last longer than flowers with stems that feel hollow.

Flower Recipe:

    2 Focal Flowers, 1 Filler Flowers, 1 Texture Flower, Foliage 
    Purchase a variety in size and shape. 

    Focal flower: Rose, Peony, Mum, Daisy, Daffodil, Tulip
    Focal flowers are the focal point in the arrangement that often command the foundation of the arrangement. They are often single stem compact flowers. You can choose to arrange with one, but arranging with two integrates variety. Ideally, one focal flower is larger than the other. In addition to flower variety, size variation is key. 

    Filler Flower: Mini Carnation, Aster, Lisianthus, Statice, Alstroemeria

    Filler flowers are transitional flowers necessary to fill the negative space between your focal points. These flowers are typically denser and have multiple flower heads on a single stem. 

    Texture Flower: Freesia, Paper Whites, Waxflower, Veronica, Thistle, Hyacinth 
    Texture flowers bring both a tactile and visual element of contrast to your arrangement. They typically stand tall and have a dense concentration of blossoms. 

    Foliage: An assortment of greenery - I highly recommend foraging greenery for a garden inspired look. 

    Download Visual Flower List


    Trim stems at a 45 degree angle under running water, remove excess unwanted foliage from the stem, place them in a vase with fresh water and be sure not to leave flowers in direct sunlight.

    **Jump onto Instagram Live 6PM Friday EST to get creative.