Floatation Therapy + CBD Oil


It’s hard to imagine, being fully supported by water and floating without any effort… Essentially, 600kgs of Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) diluted in shallow water will do it!

A regular float practice, combined with CBD dosing, can have positive impacts which extend to the mind, body and soul; producing a state of wellness that sees a reduction in anxiety and an increase in your overall health and wellness

What is floatation therapy?

Experiencing your first float session can be a little daunting; the unknown often does that to us. However, rest assured, the pod is huge (almost the size of a small car), you can leave the coloured light on and the lid can remain up if you choose. You have complete control!

The anti-gravity environment experienced with Floatation Therapy is designed to reduce sensory input whilst supporting deep restoration and relaxation of the mind, body and soul. It encourages mindfulness and introspection, provides deep recovery for your muscles and joints whilst supporting your spiritual development and connection to the self and others.

Floating has helped me navigate through emotional upheavals, deal with stress more effectively and bring about a clarity of mind that has led to sharper focus for projects and my career.

Float + CBD = A Powerful Combination

The health benefits provided by CBD oil are similar to Floatation Therapy. They go hand-in-hand; with both targeting the negative effects of anxiety and inflammation whilst increasing your overall sense of well-being.

Dosing CBD oil directly prior to a floatation session has helped me reach deeper levels of calm, restoration and mental clarity.

If you can’t access your local float centre due to COVID closures, I recommend using Epsom salts at home in your bath or as a foot soak. Whilst it won’t enable you to ‘float’ you will still get the benefits from the Magnesium to ease tension and muscle soreness, as well as detoxification.

Tip: add a few drops of lavender essential oil and a spoonful of bicarb soda for added relaxation and detoxification.

Recommended Float Centres (when lockdowns lift)

Melbourne: Gravity Float Northcote
Sydney: Sydney Float Centre
New York City: Infinity Float NYC

Meet Carly Zalakos

Introducing our latest contributor, Carly Zalakos. Carly has recently graduated with a degree in Complementary & Alternative Medicine. Since 2015 she has been contributing toward the growth and running of Melbourne's largest Floatation Centre, @gravityfloat. This enables her to live and breathe her passion for holistic health and wellness. Some of her favorite things are cooking delicious wholefoods, Pilates, and being surrounded by her family and friends.