Elevate Your Happy Hour with TBC Speakeasy and CBD

“I felt buzzed from the alcohol, but the CBD added a grounding quality; I felt ultra-calm in the best way.” KELLY DOBKIN @healthyish

CBD and cocktails? Yes please! Staying home has us getting creative with our (formerly non-existent) bar skills and we’re loving adding CBD when we need a bit of an extra unwind at the end of the day. 

Looking upskill your at-home bar repertoire? TBC Speakeasy has recently launched by Brooklyn based couple Saxty and AB, what was to be intimate in-person events at their Clinton Hill Loft has gone virtual as they wait out the virus in South Australia.

TBC works with improvised bar tools you already have at home, no fancy cocktail accessories needed!

Watch their video on the classic margarita here

Recipe + Instructions for 1 below:


When adding CBD to a cocktail it's best to add it to a drink that's shaken, adding directly to the drink the oil will float on top.