How we developed HWW CBD Skincare

It was a big decision for us to decide which direction to expand the Higher Wave Wellness line, with CBD oil there are so many directions you can go!

Part of our mission at HWW is to create products that we feel are missing from the market, and that we want to use ourselves. It’s how Alana created the water soluble drops that started HWW!

Making the decision to move to skincare was natural as Tessa had been studying clean beauty before joining Alana to start Higher Wave, while we had knowledge in the beauty space we wanted to partner with an expert so that we could bring you the best product possible.

Finding an expert

Here at HWW, we're proud that all our CBD products use the highest quality hemp, farmed in small batches, under organic and sustainable farming practices. When looking for a partner to create HWW clean beauty products we wanted to work with someone who shared these ingredient values.

Jenna Levine | New York Botanist

Enter Jenna Levine, Jenna is one of New Yorks's leading botanists and the founder of LINNE Botanicals. A true leader in the clean beauty space with a passion for sustainability, she's an inspiration to us here at HWW HQ and we were honored to partner with her on the line.

Jenna's holistic approach to skincare comes from a background of studying plant-based remedies, including with a local herbal medicine doctor in Vermont, and certifications in Native Plant Botany and Herbal Medicine from her time in California. In addition, she's explored alternate forms of healing through studies in anatomy, Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, massage therapy, and yoga.

Product Ideas

The first decision was WHAT to create for launch, while we had a million fun ideas we decided the first product should be versatile, something you can use every day whether it sits on your bathroom shelf, comes with you in your handbag or lives in your beach bag. We wanted it to be accessible and unpretentious, something you’re happy to use ALL the time and share with friends.

The result was to create an everyday oil that can be used all over, infused with premium Full Spectrum CBD extract to balance the skin and reduce inflammation. 

Smell me

Scent wise it needed to be androgynous, empowering, energizing + earthy, something you can use every day without getting sick of! We described to Jenna the profile and she sourced A LOT of samples.

Then the real fun began, it was time to mix!

Skin + Hair Oil | Protective Blend | Higher Wave Wellness

We came to Jenna’s Brooklyn apartment where she had created some blends for us to sample that were her interpretation of the profile we had to described. After narrowing down the ones we liked then we went about pinpointing what scents exactly we were attracted to in each blend, then we reblended our favorites scents to create our own blend, we got it down to two sample options which we were in LOVE with.

While we were doing this Jenna measured everything on the scales, the difference an extra drop of something can make is crazy, so everything needs to be precisely recorded otherwise it’s very hard to recreate the magic again.

Why is CBD good for skin?

In addition to smelling nice, we wanted the oil to be functional, so we nicknamed it the ‘city repellent’ (Sarah Saxty our advisor came up with this slogan which is spot on!).

We wanted the oil to work as a skin barrier, helping protect it from everyday environmental stressors such as:

  1. Pollution
  2. UV radiation
  3. Dust and dry air from air conditioners
  4. Heaters all the things that are hitting you in the face in NYC and around the world.

Therefore we leaned towards oils with either antioxidant properties to strengthen the barrier or anti-inflammatory to enhance the properties of the CBD. 

The result

HWW Skin + Hair Oil; A high functioning multi-action oil to combat the effects of modern lifestyle and environment on skin and hair. Use as a face oil, all over moisturizer or hair treatment on dry ends.

A minimalist essential, for anyone who believes self-care should be simple with fewer, better products.

Skincare Ingredients

  • 100% Pure Squalane Oil
  • Organic Jojoba Oil
  • Organic Boabab Oil
  • Organic Litsea Cubeba
  • Organic Geranium Oil
  • Organic Balsam Fir
  • Full Spectrum CBD.

See more on the benefits of each ingredient here