CBD + Inflammation

Do you know what’s annoying? Minor aches and pains. 

The lingering type which is just bad enough to be a constant presence in your day.

Have you ever found yourself asking...

Instead of pumping yourself with medication, could there be a more natural approach to treating the underlying cause?

CBD oil for inflammation and pain

Natural relief that works WITHIN your body

Full Spectrum CBD oil works much like aspirin or ibuprofen by inhibiting your body’s production of inflammatory prostaglandins effectively relieving pain and protecting joints.

In addition to treating short term pain and inflammation...

There are also LONG TERM health benefits!...(unlike aspirin or ibuprofen).

One of the most exciting things about Full Spectrum CBD oil is that it also works to help treat chronic low lying inflammation which is the seed of many diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, ADD, anxiety, and stress. 

These all stem from inflammation in the body. therefore by reducing inflammation now we can help to prevent these diseases from ever occurring.

Plant-based living 〰 longer, happier, healthier, pain-free!