CBD Dosage Table

Higher Wave CBD drops are High Strength - We've broken down how much CBD per drop-in Higher Wave CBD so you can know exactly how much you're consuming.

For reference, a standard daily dose is approximately 16MG of CBD.

High strength means consuming less to get your dose (as each drop is packed full of CBD, not the carrier oil). Take a 16MG daily dose, for example, you would have half the dropper of Higher Wave CBD, whereas with a 1oz bottle that has 500mg of CBD you would need to have the whole dropper to consume the same dosage.
All our formulas are high strength. We prefer smaller doses and maximum serves per bottle, keeping you chill for longer.

CBD Dosage Table

 Measurement Drops CBD
0.25mL 1/4 Dropper 8MG
0.50mL 1/2 Dropper 16MG
0.75mL 3/4 Dropper 24MG
1.00mL Full Dropper 32MG


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