Can cannabis help with PMS?

Are painful periods interfering with your daily living, or stopping you from going to work? Or perhaps hormonal, menstrual pain and mood swings are affecting your life?

Don't worry, you're not alone.

Up to 90% of reproductive-age women suffer from painful periods. More and more women are turning to CBD looking for pain relief.

Improving pain with plants

Full Spectrum CBD oil has become a modern-day panacea. The all-natural solution many seek when looking to ease period pain, or even prevent it before it starts.

Cannabinoids like CBD inhibit enzymes in your body that is to blame for causing pain, inflammation, cramping and sometimes diarrhea. It also soothes discomfort by desensitizing pain-perceiving nerves and targets receptors embedded in the muscle tissue to relax cramps.

The other half of CBD for PMS equation is terpenes, the essential oils produced by plants and spices.

HWW Full Spectrum Extract contains terpenes which support the muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.

List of Terpenes found in our extract, and what they help with:

  • For cramps, beta caryophyllene
  • To alleviate fatigue - limonene
  • For malaise or moodiness, linalool and limonene

Goop | Dr. Julie Holland | Can cannabis help with PMS

Goop x Dr. Julie Holland

Psychiatrist Dr. Julie Holland, "Could be the solution to treating monthly PMS symptoms, painful cramps, irritability, insomnia, depression, and anxiety, as well as symptoms of perimenopause."

The most underrated benefit of cannabis according to Holland? Its anti-inflammatory effect.

Byrdie x Leigh Winters

Neuroscientist and holistic wellness expert Leigh Winters "The truth is that the relief you can expect really depends on the quality of the product. If you have unbearable cramping, CBD products can alleviate those painful bouts of searing pain that leave you unproductive and unable to focus on anything else. CBD has been demonstrated to promote muscle relaxation while reducing stress and inflammation. Within a few minutes of using a topical product or ingesting, you'll feel relief."

The major key

The quality and sourcing of the products play a huge role in its safety and ability to help with PMS symptoms. Ingredients for Higher Wave Wellness products are mindfully extracted from sustainably farmed, premium quality hemp plants grown at a family-owned Colorado farm.

Our Hemp is hand-harvested using innovative proprietary harvesting and crop processing technologies with the goal to best preserve all of the functioning cannabinoids and terpenes.