â €Inner Balance

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Everyday Balance drops help to reduce day to day stress and anxiety while aiding a good nights sleep.


Outer Balance

CBD Skincare

Protective Blend combats the effects of modern lifestyle and environment on skin and hair.




Partnering exclusively with a small batch farm in Colorado we follow USDA Certified Organic farming practices and work with scientists that are passionate about driving the hemp industry further to create products for wellbeing.

We are proud to support local farming industries and offer full transparency with our traceable QR code with every product.

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Mind + Body

Total Balance Kit
CBD Oil Flavour:

higher times

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CBD for Sleep
CBD 101

CBD for Sleep

CBD works to regulate your body's natural systems (nervous, respiratory, digestive, homeostasis, etc) positively impacting all of the causes that c...

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CBD Oil Higher Wave Wellness
CBD 101

CBD for Stress

CBD works to regulate and control our stress response by preventing overstimulation of the CB1 receptors.

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